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Confronting Global Hunger With Sustainable and Affordable Plant-Based Nutrition

The number of chronically hungry people on the globe is now estimated to be more than 800 million. It is clear that more efficient methods of producing affordable and nutritious food is required.


The most immediate solution is to radically alter the food conversion processes by utilizing new technologies which can synthesize the transition of plant based proteins directly to ingestion.

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NewMarket’s social mandate is to pursue the development of fully integrated plant-to-plate agriculture projects that can transform human health and economies in underdeveloped and emerging regions of the world. 

Newmarket's participation in Hunger League initiatives offers us a partnership group with vast experience in the food sector and a strong understanding and competence in working globally and particularly in the western hemisphere. Initiatives are designed to provide rapid in-country cost-efficient solutions for protein deficiency and food security.

Hunger League
Image by Polina Rytova

The Hunger League

If you are interested in learning more and participating in the Hunger League, contact our team.

Agronomist Farmer

North America’s agriculture sector foraged through generational homesteader traits of resilience, ingenuity, and perpetual learning which remain inherent qualities of successful owners and managers of today’s agri-food companies.

The Hunger League mines this diverse continuum of knowledge, expertise, and leadership to build support for food freedom initiatives that extinguish malnutrition and transform underprivileged communities liberating families from a cycle of impoverishment.

Our forefathers and mothers recognized the positive impact that was gained from localized philanthropy, “neighbours helping neighbours”. The Hunger League’s primary focus is the development and implementation of programs in the backyard nations in the western hemisphere.

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